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Lost Your Benchmarks at Site? Drone Based Survey is Your Savior.

In the construction industry, it is common that the established benchmarks, usually in the form of concrete structures, iron pickets, wood stakes, or spray on the site worn out. It usually happens because of the gap between the survey and the actual start of construction. So, what to do when this happens. The drone-based survey is your savior in this scenario.

One of our clients faced a similar issue when they started constructing the site after two months of the actual date of the survey. We established four iron pickets and a number of ground spray benchmarks before flying our drone at the site for the survey. But all have been vanished because of various reasons like the movement of construction vehicles and dust.

The client eagerly contacted for support so that they can re-establish the benchmarks for plan layout. Fortunately, we have surveyed every inch of the site using the drone-based photogrammetry technique.

We collected the drone-based geotagged photos, marked Benchmarks and GCPs on surveyed site, processed the data using the photogrammetry technique, digitized it, performed #GIS analysis by using different Mapping software according to the requirements, and then shared the final AUTOCAD Drawing with the client.

To resolve this issue, we reviewed the #orthomosaic available with us and marked new benchmarks on some fixed structures keeping their intervisibility because of further work with #TotalStation at the site. Subsequently, the elevation of each benchmark has been extracted out using the processed Digitial Elevation Model (#DEM).

The post-processed data of the drone-based survey served as an integral component to re-establish the #benchmark for construction at the site.

AZ NavTeq provides #professional #drone-based #topographic #survey #services in #Pakistan and solves your #geospatial problem with technology and advanced solutions. For your topographic survey requirements, please contact us at

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