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Completion of Chinese GPS (BeiDou)

Congratulations to BeiDou!

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, previously known as "COMPASS" has officially been announced as completed. BeiDou has been completed in three phase. First was the testing phase where active positioning were tested within China. Second phase completed in 2012 with the coverage to Asia Pacific and in 2020, finally, the BeiDou has the worldwide coverage. Now BeiDou is available worldwide with #positioning accuracy of less than 10 m and timing accuracy less than 20 ns.

With the ever increasing navigation satellites, GNSS market is continuously increasing and serving those areas which had initially not been envisioned. Now almost every person on earth holding a smartphone knows the benefit of GNSS based positioning and localization. Still a long way to go with the incorporation of #bigdata, #AI, and #machinelearning.

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