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A great leap in Surveying by Trimble

Great news. Trimble Geospatial launched new software allowing its user to receive centimter level #GNSS positioning using their proprietary #CenterPointRTX correction service. This correction service utilizes global network of GNSS #referencestation, estimation of precise orbit and clock parameters and global and local ionosphere model. The amazing part is that their convergence time is less than a second in the field without having any terrestrial connection. It means it will simultaneously be receiving both GNSS data as well as augmentation signal from their geostationary satellites broadcasting #correction signal. Attached below is the summary of the results from the 29 control points in Colorado, which are appreciative. Important point in this experiment is the elevation result which is great and somehow within the RTK bound.

This level of accuracy is good in mapping the land at the scale of 1:100 and can be utilized vis a vis RTK. This recent development will reduce the logistic time in setting up the base station where terrestrial communication is not available and also in those countries where #VRS is no present. This is a great leap in surveying. A surveying drone equipped with Trimble receiver having access of CenterPointRTX will remove the requirements of GCPs and PPK.


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