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Drone + Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Wind Turbine Inspection Webinar

AZ NavTeq in joint collaboration with Aero Enterprise GmbH, Austria organized a webinar on emerging industry of #Drone Based #Wind #Turbine #Inspection on Thursday, 27th January, 2022. The event was attended by more than 20 participants from multiple wind turbine operators across #Pakistan including Tricom Wind Power Private Limited, Yunus Energy Limited, #Nordex Pakistan, FFC Energy Limited, #HydroChina Dawood Power (Pvt) Ltd., and China Three Gorges Power Operation Int'l Co. Ltd-Pakistan.

The event was started by Mr Hassan Ahmed Ansari, Assistant Manager and Executive Drone Expert, AZ NavTeq. Experts of panel presented during the webinar included Mr. Syed Zahid Jamal, CEO/CTO/Founder of AZ NavTeq, Mr. Robert Hörmann, CEO/CTO/Founder of Aero Enterprise GmbH, Austria, Mr. Christian Raml, Head of R&D Aero Enterprise GmbH, and Mr. Björn Schulz, Business Developer Aero Enterprise GmbH.

Mr. Jamal shared his views on Drone and its application in the inspection industry. He began his presentation focusing on the applications of drone technology in the industry, in-general, including the services AZ NavTeq offers to the Pakistani industry. Moreover, he shed some light on the applications of drone technology in the inspection industry that is being practiced successfully all over the globe.

Mr. Jamal also added a few points about the benefits of implementing this application in Pakistan.

Key advantages discussed for drone base inspection were

  • Maximum safety

  • Minimum downtime

  • Accurate results

Subsequently, Mr. Christian, spoke about the artificial intelligence (#AI) based drone data processing and highlighted how AI is helping in identifying the tinniest anomalies on the blade. He explained the complete workflow of data processing including sorting of drone images before submitting to Aero Enterprise proprietary AI based data processing software “AeroLyse”. He also highlighted the important factors and parameters for accurate data processing on wind turbine blades. The output produced by the AeroLyse is an online report, highlighting all the defects on the blade with their relative position on the blade. These defects can easily be identified on the blade with respect to their turbine, blades and position.

Later on, Mr. Robert, shed light on the identification of each defects according to its severity. He explained that the output produced by AeroLyse is inspected by a qualified inspector who marks every defect on the blade with its type and importance. He also highlighted that these defects are also measured vis-à-vis their position on the blade. He also demonstrated how these steps are performed and how the wind turbine inspection report is generated. He also explained that the drone inspection report is produced both in pdf format as well as cloud based asset management form.

The webinar aimed to explore how drone based imagery helps the wind turbine operators to conduct an #inspection process with a real world data and demonstration of software.

The webinar received a great response from the Wind Turbine generation industry in Pakistan. The event was successfully concluded with a thanking note to Mr Zahid Jamal, Mr Robert and Mr Christian for enlightening the participants with their knowledge.

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