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3 Days Workshop on Drone Application of Remote Sensing by AZ NavTeq and University of Karachi

AZ NavTeq and Department of Geography, University of Karachi in collaboration with Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC), University of Karachi organized a 3-day workshop on Drone Application of Remote Sensing on 23, 24, and 26 December 2019. The event was attended by industry professionals, researchers, and academia.

The Chairperson of the event was Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali Sheerazi, Chairman and Professor of Department of Geography, University of the Punjab. The keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Syed Jamil H. Kazmi, a meritorious professor and the former Chairman in the Department of Geography and Ex-Director of ISPA, University of Karachi. The guest speakers were Syed Zahid Jamal, Director AZ NavTeq, a seasoned GNSS and Geospatial Analyst, Syed Azmat Ullah, Sr Drone Technologist AZ NavTeq, and Mr. Hammad Hayat Khan, Sr GIS Analyst AZ NavTeq.

This workshop aimed to explore the current and future outlook of remote sensing with commercial drones. This is an emerging field being utilized in various industrial applications such as surveying & mapping, inspection, precision agriculture, flood hazard assessment, GIS, and environmental science, etc.

The workshop comprised hands-on experience, covering the introduction of technology on UAV types, data acquisition methods, exploring GIS and remote sensing software tools (Pix4D and Global Mapper) for analyzing super high-resolution multi-spectral data acquired by drone. Students also found the opportunity to participate in the demonstration of drone flight missions and data analysis.

The course covered during the workshop included a general overview of drone-based remote sensing, its current market, and legal perspective in Pakistan. The workshop also covered hands-on experience on flying a drone to capture images using Pix4D Capture and also using Pix4D, a drone photogrammetry software, to process the drone images for surveying & mapping.

The workshop received an overwhelming response from participants and lauded the contribution of AZ NavTeq and the Department of Geography. The event successfully concluded with the note of thanks to Chairperson of the workshop and certificate distribution ceremony.

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