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Geospatial Companies' Registration with Survey of Pakistan

According to the Survey of Pakistan Act 2014, no public or private organization, private firm, or individual, national or international, shall undertake any geospatial data collection, production, or analysis work and surveying & mapping activities unless they are registered with Survey of Pakistan. Offering services without registering with the Survey of Pakistan is a criminal offense and can be prosecuted under the law. However, currently, the Survey of Pakistan is encouraging firms to register themselves.

The Survey of Pakistan has already outlined the registration procedure in their Surveying & Mapping Rules, 2015. This is interesting to know that the Survey of Pakistan has already incorporated the latest geospatial technologies including but not limited to drone and LIDAR based surveys.

The registration process includes submitting an application (Annex-A of Surveying & Mapping Rules, 2015) to the Survey of Pakistan along with relevant required details, equipment & personnel list. A bank draft in favor of Deputy Director SoP's Registration Cell is also required according to the category for the registration is required.

As part of the procedure, the Survey of Pakistan analyzes the received information and pays a visit to the company to ensure the authenticity of the submitted details and issues the license to operate in this field. Survey of Pakistan also analyzes the category of the company according to the experience of firm, equipment & personnel available with it, its permanent offices, logistics support, and registration of the firm with various tax departments.

This registration process eliminates the doubt of the competencies of the firm when they offer services to the industry rather authenticates the overall stature of the firm. Hence, both the public and private clients can satisfactorily hire their services for the engineering problems.

Recently, the Survey of Pakistan officials visited AZ NavTeq as a part of their procedure for registering firms offering geospatial services to the Pakistani industry. AZ NavTeq is offering Drones and GPS based engineering consulting services for topographic surveys, stockpile estimation, alignment surveys, and inspection of heavy machinery and buildings. AZ NavTeq is also offering Surveying & Mapping equipment & software and is also authorized dealer of South Survey & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd., and Pix4D.

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